Justice Law Firm is a Qatari Law Firm and one of the enthusiastic, unique and energetic law firms in the State of Qatar. It was established in 2006 by Mr. Fawaz Yousef Salih Al Sada, Qatari national, to start a new era in legal practice which coincides with the comprehensive development concept of the country and supports the promotion of justice in an unprecedented move of a nation towards bright future and glory. We provide comprehensive legal advice in broad areas of the law to diversified clients, including local and international corporations, small and medium enterprises, and individuals.

The Firm focuses on stylish services secured to its clients in the fields of Commercial Law, Real Estate law, Corporate Law and Intellectual Property Law. We also handle litigation before all the Qatari courts with their different grades and jurisdictions as an integral part of our practice. We represent clients at all stages of litigation from pre-trail matters and appeal stages including the Court of Cassation. When possible, client’s matters are concluded without litigation.